Administrators: Dathan & Melonie Triplett


Tuesday's 10:30 - 2:00

Please call one of the following numbers if you need to speak with                                                              someone:

                                                        936-332-0897 or 936-332-2651

SHIRT COLORS for 2019-2020!!  

Heather Grey, Royal Blue, Light Blue or White

These will be the only acceptable colors.  

All shirts must be monogrammed with the school logo.

Monogramming available:

Watson-Tucker Florist at 421 San Augustine Street, Center

The Coral Cactus  at 176 Bremond Street, Timpson 

Center Christian Academy

School News

Exists to provide a quality educational experience with a Biblical worldview to the families of East Texas.  Our main objective is to provide each student with Biblical instruction, character development, and leadership training in addition to a solid foundation in Math, Grammar, Reading, Writing, History, and Science. 
 March 2020
March 1
Tuition and Fees Due
March 3
Basketball Finals
March 11
Late Fees Added
April 4
Bunny and Breakfast

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